pd (prettydark) wrote in delosmuertos,

Check out this GORGEOUS DotD Wedding!

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too cool! Thanks for the link!
Okay, that was seriously the coolest thing ever.. wow. Just.. wow. I totally would love to have a wedding like that! Every detail was incredible-- from the luchador place holders to the groom's tie to the cupcake cake w/ the skeleton cake topper to the BEAUTIFUL setting!! (And hey, apparently it took place in Santa Cruz-- where I lived for about 4 years of my life!! Too cool!)

Thank you so so so much for sharing that!! :)
i want to renew my vows so my husband and i can have a super awesome wedding like this!
Ooh! I like this idea!

Hubby and I have been talking about renewing our vows and this wedding looks like SO MUCH FUN!
oh man if we ever get married, i had told my bf that i wanted a DotD wedding but an outdoor wedding here in texas would be a death trap its so hot x_X