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All Souls Procession in the desert

My boyfriend and I are going to Tuscon for the day of the dead parade and big ceremony thingie they're throwing on Sunday, November 7. There is also plenty of other stuff going on before and around that day.

Under the cut is an image of their ceremonial prayer form
Photobucket you know, if you'd like to steal this idea for your own delosmuertos/equinox/fire pit ritual with your friends. :)
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I live in Tucson. I love the All Soul's Procession. I am very sad I will miss it this year due to being out of town. Make sure you follow it to the end. Flam Chen always puts on a beautiful performance.
I live here too, and the Procession (including all of the events leading up to it and afterward) is something I look forward to every year.

Are you coming to simply watch? Or participate as well? I need to start working on my altar for this year